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What REALLY happens when you take a Testosterone booster?

A number of random men and women were asked what happens when someone would take a male hormone Testosterone boosting supplement? The general assumption of most of them was actually quite negative. Here’s what they said:

“Your testicles shrink” “You get more aggressive” "You get more moody" “You become more successful”

“You get muscular” “Your penis shrinks” “Your personality changes” "You get roid rage"! (Some called this road rage!)

How true are these assumptions? Let’s find out for sure...

After around 20 years of age, your male hormones including Testosterone start to gradually decline. Your own body basically produces less and less over time. A male hormone supplement such as a Testosterone booster will work with your body to naturally increase hormone levels. This can be a very effective way of boosting Testosterone and getting all the good benefits of Testosterone. 

What the above answers refer to are people’s perceptions of what happens if you were to inject male hormones directly into your body; this is not the same as when you take a natural male hormone Testosterone booster.

A natural male hormone Testosterone booster will work with your body to gradually increase your own body’s natural production of male hormones such as Testosterone. As far as your body is concerned, there is nothing different going on and taking the right supplement can greatly improve your own body’s male hormone production with no side effects.

A male hormone supplement such as a natural Testosterone booster can do the following:

Increase muscle mass

Boost strength and energy

Increase feeling of well-being

Boost confidence and assertiveness

Increase motivation

Reduce body fat

Harden muscles

Improve sleep

Better sexual mood

Improved sexual performance

More virility

If you want to build muscle & strength or you feel weak and indecisive, you may well want to try a male hormone Testosterone booster like Norateen. Results will be seen within a few days (hours for some people!) and you can judge the suitability and effects for yourself.

A natural, researched male hormone Testosterone booster is certainly nothing like the negative assumptions people make and what they think of when you mention the T word or anything to do with increasing male hormones. 

Testosterone is one of nature's best hormones and a friend to many people, improving their lives, performance and body image. 


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