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What is Testosterone?

You can now boost Testosterone with the information and Testosterone Boosters on this site.  Read the info on this site first. Testosterone boosters, Testosterone tablets, testosterone pills and T-Boosters are a way of boosting male hormones for those who are lacking this powerful muscle enhancing hormone. 

As you age, your natural male hormone levels begin to decline. That's why it becomes more and more difficult to build muscle and why you start gaining weight and finding it more difficult to shift the weight.

Testosterone is THE male master hormone and very important for so many different functions in both the male and female body. This hormone is important for growth, masculine features, brain function, get up and go, sexual function and so on. You will generally find people with high Testosterone levels to be more active, more sexual, more muscular and higher achievers than the general population.

Testosterone can be found in abundance in the early teenage years and early twenties. After that, it starts declining and depending on the genes, diet and constitution of a person, you can become very low on Testosterone or have average or high levels.

Those wanting to know how to increase Testosterone should know that this hormone is very important for muscle and strength and achieving your optimal physique. Without it, it is very difficult to build and maintain a decent muscular and strong physique. Testosterone and its levels can be affected, elevated and reduced by many things such as what you eat, mood, stress, exercise, genetics and testosterone supplements.

Drugs, alcohol, soya products, stress and drugs can all lower testosterone levels. 

Testosterone levels can also be high from genetic disposition, excess meat consumption, eating foods high in minerals such as zinc or supplementation.

If you take the right testosterone supplement, you can start seeing changes that can take you right back to your teenage years!

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