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Secret foods that increase Testosterone naturally

Avocado Avocados contain libido-boosting B vitamins, E vitamin and fatty acids. Avocado is a “powerful” sexual energy booster.

Figs High in amino acids and zinc. Figs are fantastic natural libido boosters. Even if they are not in season or in your country, you can get dried figs pretty much from any supermarket or health food store.

Onions and garlic You need to eat these as raw as possible! Onions and garlic increase blood flow to all organs including the penis and vagina. You can swallow small garlic cloves and add onions to salads. If you have to fry them, then so be it but make sure you get some onions and garlic into your diet. Oh and stock up on mints and chewing gums as you may end up not having a partner to unleash your new sexual powers on!!!

Olive oil Contains vitamin E and essential for a healthy sex life. Ever wonder why the Italians are such great lovers (allegedly!)?

Ginseng OK, the Chinese are not renowned for being great lovers but they sure know their herbs! Though Ginseng is not a “food” as such, it is an “essential” addition to your arsenal for a healthy sexual appetite. Pop 1-2 high quality Ginseng tablets a day and see the difference.

Pumpkin Seeds Full of essential oils, zinc and great for hormone production. Also good for the prostate.

Eggs Eggs are extremely beneficial to having a great sex life. They are full of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Bananas Full of bromelain, B vitamins and potassium. Bananas also increase overall energy.

Celery  Celery can increase testosterone levels.

Asparagus Contains vitamin E, probably the most important sex vitamin.

Fenugreek A seriously strong herb for boosting testosterone levels, so critical to increased sexual desire.

Basil Increases circulation all over the body.

Cardamon Good for increased sexual desire. Increases blood flow and is considered to be an aphrodisiac.

Chillies They heat up your body. Get ready for some “hot” sex! Just have the fire extinguisher nearby!!!

Maca This is one of the most powerful sexual stimulants. It is not at the top of the list because it is not really your “every day” food. If you can get hold of it, even as a supplement, go for it.

Ginger Great for blood flow and overall circulation.

Saurkraut If you can get hold of this too, you are on your way to a great sex life. It is great for overall sex hormone production.

Almonds Full of essential fatty acids and great for hormone production.

Oysters The best-known aphrodisiac.

Fish Most fish have essential fatty acids, great for increased sexual energy.

Chocolate NOT the sugary type. This needs to be at least 70%+ cocoa. Then you will see benefits in mood and sexual appetite. Don't overdo it as you don't want to get fat in the process of becoming a sex god/godd

Testosterone Boosting Foods


How to combine and see results

Like most lists you probably go over it, memorise some of it and put it into action...maybe...if you remember.

STOP. Don't treat this like any other list. Print it out and take it with you to your local supermarket.  Once you have bought the foods, start incorporating them in your diet.


Eat some bananas and a handful of pumpkin seeds and almonds mid morning.

Salad: Make a salad and add avocado, dried figs, celery, boiled eggs and onions to it. Add lots of olive oil.

Grill some asparagus with your lunch and dinner. Try and have fish rather than chicken or turkey.

Add ginger, chillies and basil to sauces.

The above is good advice that works and costs you nothing. Try it! Remember too much Testosterone can turn to Estrogen, when is not good so you have to do everything in mod


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