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How to boost Testosterone if you are over 40

For most men, Testosterone levels start declining after their 20s. This decline and its speed very much depend on a number of factors:


Job (stress, energy levels)



Alcohol, drugs



Low Testosterone levels can mean lack of energy, lack of sexual desire and erections, loss of muscle tissue and higher body fat levels and a change in bone & cardiovascular health. Low Testosterone also means lack of confidence and self belief which can become a major issue as people get older. 

A healthy level of Testosterone should be a goal of most men over their 40s. Sufficient Testosterone levels can mean better overall health. The information on this site can be used to boost Testosterone levels naturally. This is particularly useful for those over 40 who find that life is going downhill a lot faster. 

Men over 40 can supplement with a variety of safe and natural supplements to boost their Testosterone levels and start feeling good again. There are also several lifestyle changes you can make to boost your Testosterone levels such as:

Middle Age Testosterone Boost

Start weight training

Reduce stress 

Meditate and relax more

Eat more red meat

Reduce alcohol and do not take drugs

Eat more testosterone boosting foods

Do cardiovascular exercise especially outdoors

Test your senses! Look, feel, breathe! Enjoy life and all its wonders

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